Friday, July 10, 2009

Note(s) to self------->1) No boobies are coming, 2) New Art

Dear Alex,

Have you noticed that saying "cultural industry" makes you sound like a nutty nut bar?

Well it does.

And no, merely saying "cultural industry" will not make bare-breasted women appear to protest you. So give it up. Besides, when big-bare-tittied nubile XXX teens protested Teddy Adorno, it was all so very upsetting. Poor, poor Teddy. Did those nasty unbound and bouncing boobied young ladies upset you?




Dear Alex,

Have you noticed: The history of the last 100 years is a fake, a fraud, written as sequel, no, no(!) prequel(!) to Zamyatin's "We." I don't believe a single word of it.

Or was "We" the real and true history of the next 300 years, written as prophesy? Actually, I'm certain of this. Isn't this a fact?

These things confuse me.

What they (clever schemers!) call "news" is no more than a fictional story (How could it be true?) the early days of Zamyatin's 300-year war between "The City" and the "Village." That's the "story" we're all living in. The beginnings of dystopia.

--No, no, Alex, in "The City" say:

"The War on Terror."

Saying: "The war between The City and The Village" makes you sound nutty nut bar.

Mmmm. Hungry. Perhaps some tea and toast?


Dear Theodore Adorno, RIP:

Sir, I'm quite certain you are a fictional character. You are dead, yes, but there is "dead" and then there is "dead dead." And I'm of the opinion that only the really real can be "dead dead" so why we can't sit down for tea and toast? We are warriors in a fictional war (how can this conflict be real? "War on Terror?" People believe that? Seriously? Crazy talk, crazy talk!) Oh but most of this 300-year war is "cold war," yes but tepid (or is it combustible? Cold like gasoline? Like napalm?) and yes, yes, sometimes it combusts! Gets hot, so hot! Hot war!

The biggest change of the last 100 years, the culmination of so much technology, has been the centralization and consolidation of power and access to resources. This is the BIGGEST change in human history. The first time technology has made it possible.

Everything, including production has become a resource, "property," and access to every resource is being consolidated by The City. Even the genes in your body are "property" of The City. This is not "evil." It is simply "gravity."

This consolidation and the technology that made it possible, was the history of the 20th Century. This inherent conflict became a spectre moving through every dark page and every night of our art.

But there is new technology.

In every aspect of our lives, new technologies are bringing decentralization and democratization, of Culture, of information, of food, of education--and even energy resources!

They will try to stop it at all costs: to reduce these new freedoms to mere "consumer choices."

This is the conflict, again and again, of so much new art, in subtle and blatant manifestations, it is always there. I see it! Always there, I see it! Don't you see it?

And its most profound manifestation is in the very form of "new" and "independent" distribution, where it lends form-content unity to our culture's new apocalyptica.

Note: Tea and toast with Adorno, discuss:
I. How to get more bare-chested nubile XXX barely-legal teens.
II. Lemon-raspberry scones=yum.

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