Friday, July 10, 2009

------->The Sound of Drums.

Evelyn Glennie is the first solo percussionist to make and sustain a living as a performer.

It pains me to mention it, because once you hear her, you'll see that it doesn't make the least difference,

but she happens to also be deaf.

I recently performed as a soloist at a certain Chicago new music festival with a highlight on percussion. These were amazing professional percussionists, certainly. Symphony musicians of the highest caliber.

And while I cannot say that Glennie surpasses their musicianship, she certainly equals it.

And she brings something truly unique and amazing to performance.

Artists, educators and thinkers of all kinds cannot fail to find this master class inspiring. If you're an artist, this is MUST SEE.

Glennie talks about how she sees her art as "teaching people to listen." And she talks about "listening" to music with the whole body. This is another 20 minute segment from TED.

If you haven't got 20 minutes, check out Glennie in performance with Fred Frith.

It's wonderful that Glennie is really teaching people to listen to New Music which rarely gets a fair hearing.

And as a quick note, also check out Tzadik Records, Glennie's label. Another small business putting out new music.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Alex-

Two things.

A. Lay off the crack.

B. The drummer is fantastic.