Tuesday, June 30, 2009


It finally happened. The music died yesterday. Yep. It's gone. No more. On the police report, it said this:


Pirate kids "stole" the music, mashed it up and used nine inch nails on it, pounded it to a cross and left it to die like a cold child's toy.

How come they couldn't understand: if it doesn't make money, it isn't music. Couldn't they see that? Some kids in a garage, students singing in the streets of Prague, that's not music. Music is Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. Music is what I say it is.

It was these kids, these pirate kids who killed the music. Because they didn't understand: We are the music! We are the music!

Skin Graft Records and

A (formerly) Chicago-based publisher of comics, zines and music started by Mark Fischer and Rob Syers. THIS IS NOT BRITNEY SPEARS!!! What are these kids doing!?!

Music-wise, Skingraft specializes in noise rock and the "no wave" or "now wave" music that makes big salaried music execs bang their heads on the wall.

The future will bring more about Skin Graft artists. But if you like noise rock and new music, check them out for yourself.