Monday, July 13, 2009

The future brings------->

Carole Maso is nothing of an "emerging artist."

She is more the death knell of the "Literary" pretense of big publishing houses. And though she is obscure enough that her wikipedia page remains a stub, her 9 published books have made her one of the most important and most talked about power houses of new and avant guard literature.

And none of these masterpieces were published or even reviewed much by THE INDUSTRY.

If you want to understand where the novel is at today, how it can be adapted to treat modern problems, to understand what literature could be without the constraints of sell, sell, sell then you need to read: Rupture, Verge, Precipice from the great Barcelona Review.

Maso writes a piece that is compelling poetry, story and criticism, blended into one. She improvises with elements and genres, plays with perspective... She understands what real culture and literature can accomplish, when we knock down useless old barriers.

Perhaps "fiction" doesn't need to lull the reader into the fictive dream.

Perhaps there needn't be a "bad guy." Perhaps there never was.

Perhaps none of this is so really experimental. If you let go of the created expectation of what a "good read" is, you'll see that Maso's got it right.

There will be more on Maso in the weeks ahead....

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