Thursday, July 2, 2009

------->New fiction: Ink Pen Paper Blood

Collaborative effort launched today by writers C. H. Valentino and Jerry B. Flory!!!

This is a very new approach to prose and storytelling in an online collaborative serial. Flory and Valentino share a style that uses literary minimalism as a blunt tool to smack the reader around and grab them by the throat. Language that's both rich and direct combined with storytelling relayed through a constant torrent of imagery make for reading that's immediately avant guard yet accessible.

The novel intertwines lead characters from their independent novels, tying together literary universes....

Check out the first installment.


From the web page:

Ink, Pen, Paper, and Blood a full-length novel by Jerry B. Flory and C.H Valentino featuring Walter Lind and Samantha Marlow as they trek cross-country to find the best and the brightest writers of the new generation while copy cat murders start hitting a little too close to home.

Valentino, ooh la la...

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Walter Lind said...

Thanks for the props, man!
ohh la la...
I'll whack your ass. :p