Sunday, October 11, 2009

Book or Beer Update and Scrotal Cash.

Update on my plan to do side-by-side reviews comparing best-selling novels to beer. So far, my research has been a little lopsided on, um, the beer side. Ok, I haven't actually read past the first few pages of any of the best-sellers I've picked up. But that won't stop me from posting the first Beer V Book later today, if I'm sober enough.

On the not-best-seller side of things, I recommend downloading "Scrotal Cash," the "remix" of Blake Butler's "Scortch Atlas." It's a set of "erasures," cut-ups, mad-libs, write-throughs and other wackiness derived from the original, already wacky novel. You can get the free ebook here.

Lots of pure delightful nonsense. I enjoy looking at this book. It makes me wish I didn't understand English, so I could just look at it without simultaneously reading it. Luckily, some of the remixes have removed the normal boring bullying of "understanding it:"

Das ist drivelwary, creaked what grave elfrom gloaning up the hearth. Dese ara me crap dots. Me crap dots skricked ina wort comment for why my Papapappykins blocked me eyen wid his clock.

That's from Jon Cone's Finnegan's Wake inspired remix.

Other portions follow Blake Butler's original flarf formula to weirdness:

Usually I triple-brew coffee with thoughts of burning tires or tricycle wheels and when I drink the round shapes my fucked lungs nod in rhythm and my brain discovers new ways to laugh

That's from Krammer Abrahms' "remix."