Thursday, August 6, 2009


I'm reviewing notes for my recently completed novel "Get Filthy Rich Doing What You LOVE!"
More than 80,000 w0rds on the cuttingroom floor. Amongst them, these:

It is the place of those who take the hypocratic oath to DO NO HARM.
Tis the place of priests of fame to care and support those who lift them up in worship.

There has never been a society so strictly and rigidly controlled and centrally planned as that which now exists in the US. Virtually every aspect of our lives from our food to our housing to our sex is engineered on the basis of profit maximization first and function later if at all.

IT is the place of those who would be artists to ask: What does a biological human really want? Apart from the MANUFACTURED DEMAND for a new line of spring DUTCH BOY colors, what should HOME feel like? Apart from a fast food medley of easily grown and cheaply distributed nutritional chochkies, what is FOOD?

We have never been further from self-reliance, which is the hidden secret of (FREEDOM.) I don't care crap or carp about your NUTRITIONALLY SUPPLEMENTED pretzels. Get that crap out of your mouth now! What is this, the JEtSONs? You're feeding me the APPEARANCE of "food" with supplements added?

What is your TV feeding me? I don't want your G's anatomy with its appearance of ART with BIG QUESTIONS added! Unless that chick's getting naked!

WHAT DOES A BIOLOGICAL HUMAN REALLY WANT?! Art art art the phone is ringing! Who will answer the call?

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